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SKINDULGENCE Spa Hands & Feet Collection 
SKINDULGENCE Spa Hands & Feet Collection

In one luxurious moment, you can reveal the smoother, softer side of you from head to toe - indulgence and beauty - simplified.

Infused with nature's healing therapies, essential oils and botanicals
Exfoliate, stimulate and nourish your fingers and toes with Spa for Hand & Spa for Feet
Deeply hydrate and repair your skin with Spa Silk Lotion

People have always trusted nature to provide therapies for healing, conditioning and protecting their skin.

NHT Global has gathered the best of those ingredients and delivers them to you in an extraordinary collection of products - the Skindulgence Spa Collection.

Infused with Sunflower, Jojoba, Avocado, Walnut and Grapeseed Oils and mineral enriched Dead Sea Salts, Skindulgence Spa for Hands is your secret to younger looking and feeling skin. This luxurious blend exfoliates and moisturizes to soften, smooth, nourish and repair the skin. From hands to elbows to legs - something nice for your skin.

Soothe your soles with Skindulgence Spa for Feet - it's the perfect instant pedicure. Specially formulated for the rough, dry skin on your tired heels and soles, this blend of nature's essential oils, Kelp, Dead Sea Salts and Carrot Seed exfoliates, stimulates, moisturizes and comforts your overworked feet.

Deeply hydrate and nourish every inch of your skin from head to toe with Skindulgence Spa Silk Lotion. This luxurious lotion is blended with Aloe Vera Gel, Noni Extract, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil and other essential oils to pamper your skin. Used with the Spa for Hands and Spa for Feet, or in-between your 'spa moments', Spa Silk Lotion encourages healthy, conditioned, glowing skin.

The Skindulgence Spa Collection is available as a set to include the Spa for Hands, Spa for Feet, and Spa Silk Lotion. The Spa for Hands is also available to purchase individually.

No product testing is performed on animals

Skinduldence Spa Collection Testimonials

I took one look at the dry skin on the heels of my feet and wondered how in the world I was going to get ready to wear sandals this summer! The Skindulgence Spa Collection came to my rescue! One application of the Spa for Feet with wonderful Dead Sea Salts and Essential Oils, and my heels were shiny new. Then, I applied the Spa for Hands to my rough, ragged cuticles and scrubbed my hands. Wow - what a difference! I no longer have to hide my hands! And they are so soft - perfect for touching my brand new grandbaby. Thanks Lexxus for these great products!
Martha Mayo, Canada

I'm a 23 year-old woman and have always had a difficult time keeping my feet soft. I've always been active with sports, and dancing, and over the years my feet have become harder and harder. Two weeks ago, I tried Skindulgence Spa for Feet. I was extremely skeptical that the product would give me results, as I had tried numerous others with little results. I put the product on one foot, and was astonished at how well the product worked after one use. Then I tried it on the other foot, and again was amazed. Having used the product only twice now, I feel as if the Skindulgence Spa for Feet, has given me new feet.
Stephanie, Waterloo

Please NOTE: These health and beauty products are special order products. Therefore, they may be shipped separately and may take 1-2 weeks to ship. Thank-you for your understanding.
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