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Noni Juice...people love it, and more importantly, they love how they feel when they drink it!

Why Noni Juice?...Pacific Islanders have enjoyed the health benefits of the Noni fruit for thousands of years. Naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and bioflavonoids, Noni fruit works at a cellular level in the body to support the natural function of the immune system.

What makes NHT Global's Premium Noni Juice different?

Our Noni fruit is harvested on Internationally Certified Organic plantations in the purest land in the world - the famed Tahitian Ring of the South Pacific. It is the furthest from any corrupting influence, the trade winds blow clean air, and the soil is rich from tropical vegetation and the minerals of volcanic activity.

NHT Global is proud to partner in a "chief to chief" quality juicing process. The Noni fruit is ordered with a call to a Samoan Chief, from a plantation that has been in the Chief's family for centuries "chief to chief" quality. The fruit is harvested, aged, and flash pasteurized ONCE to maintain the purity, effectiveness, flavor and highest quality of Noni fruit possible.

Finally, the Noni juice is blended with natural Concord and White Grape juices, and Pineapple juice - NOT water. The result is a 100% organic, 100% all natural Premium Noni Juice.

No other Noni product compares NHT Global's Premium Noni Juice. It's Noni, the way nature intended¦

Chief Fred Siaosi in Geneva Switzerland receiving the International Star for Quality award for NHT Global Premium Noni Juice.

No product testing is performed on animals


Premium Noni Juice FAQ

Q.Why Does NHT Global Premium use plastic bottles and others use glass?
A. NHT Global is an international company that sells all over the world and therefore the shipping of quality products is important. Plastic travels better than glass. The latest technology of PET plastic bottles assures long term quality of fresh juice. Unlike other Noni Juices that continue to cook in the bottle, we flash pasteurize the juice (bring it up to temperature quickly) and them put the bottles in a cooling chamber that cools the juice quickly and keeps the natural goodness of the fruit less impacted by heat.

Q.How much Noni fruit is in NHT Global Premium Noni Juice?
A. NHT Global Premium Noni Juice is 90% Organic Noni juice concentrate and 10% of other juices  - White & Concord Grape Juice and Pineapple Juices. The other juices are NOT organic. We use pure fruit products and only 100% Certified Organic Noni.

Q.I love NHT Global Premium Noni Juice! It tastes great! But will you please clarify two points? I have heard that NHT Global Premium Noni uses concentrated Noni juice so it can be said that it is more than 100% Noni juice. I have also heard that the Noni juice is in a liquid, and then I was told that it was a powder.
A.Yes, we would love to clarify! Think of when you make orange juice from concentrate, you put in the concentrate and then add three cans of water - then you have 100% juice. Think what happens if you add just one can of water; it's a higher concentration of juice and over 100%. We make our NHT Global Premium Noni Juice differently (not frozen), but with the same concept. We use 100% Noni juice hand-squeezed in the islands and shipped directly to the bottler in California. We add an extract from concentrate, creating a more POTENT Non juice. Then, we use a "whole fruit technology" and add parts of the stems and leaves, which have to be ground and powdered. The result is fresh fruit juice with concentrated pulp and solids to make NHT Global Premium Noni Juice like no other juice that is available.

We add White and Concord grape juices and a thick, concentrated pineapple puree for flavor. We think if it tastes better, people are more inclined to drink it.

The science behind the juice comes down to taste and solids. We add a proprietary concentrate to boost the Noni potency and to make it better than 100% Noni juice. We add the other healthy juices to make the Noni taste better. We use only Organic Noni fruit that is harvested by the Siaosi family in the Samoan islands on plantations that have been in the Siaosi family for generations.

Q.Does it have additional sugar added?
A.No sugar has been added.

Q.What does "reconstituted" mean?
A.Reconstituted: this is the process of taking dried or powdered Noni and bringing it back to a juice form. Because there is no standard, you will find that this runs a wide range of blends with companies/juices. NHT Global Noni is a blend of "one to one" - one pound of fruit makes the equivalent amount of juice...a 1:1 concentrate so it's very potent. The Noni fruit is mixed with 100% organic juice...NOT water.

Think of when you make orange juice from concentrate. You put in the concentrate and then add 2 cans of water - you then have 100% juice. Think what happens if you add just one can of water; it's a higher concentrate and over 100%. The process to make NHT Global Premium Noni Juice is a similar process, but we do not use any frozen fruit. We use 100% juice hand squeezed in the islands and shipped here and we also use an extract from concentrate. By doing this we create a more POTENT organic Noni and we use the whole fruit technology of using parts of the stems and leaves (these have to be ground and powdered). Fresh Fruit juice with Concentrated pulp and solids make the premium Noni that is in NHT Global like no other

Q.What do I see settling at the bottom of the bottle?
A.The "stuff" at the bottom of the bottle is a feature of pure unrefined natural Noni Juice. We could add artificial ingredients to make everything stay mixed, but it doesn't do that when we juice it. The solids are what make the juice so good and add to the benefits, and they sink to the bottom of the bottle. Shake it up and drink it up! In talking with Dr. Robert Bender, Chairman of the NHT Global International Medical Advisory Council, agrees with the juice formulator that it is better to have the whole fruit with part stems and leaves to get the full benefit of the Noni plant. There seems to be a synergistic effect with all the parts.

Q.What is the bottling process for NHT Global Premium Noni Juice?
A.Unlike other Noni Juices, we use only certified organic Noni. Yes, it is more expensive, but we have partnered with the source to assure the highest quality organic fruit! Our formulator/product partner harvests Noni from the Samoan islands in the Tahitian Ring to which they have ownership and rights, and they pay for people to hand harvest the fruit. Rather than just buying the cheapest, we focus on picking the best fruit and letting it ripen naturally.

After harvesting, the fruit is then put into a large container to naturally ripen. Each fruit is hand-squeezed to produce the best Noni Juice available. The Noni juice is shipped to the United States to be bottled.

NHT Global uses ONE bottler. Our product partner is at the plant during bottling to taste test every batch of juice and ensure quality control.

The fruit is mixed with Grape and Pineapple juices to sweeten the flavor and create a unique and delicious taste, unlike other Noni juices. The fruit juice is raised to pasteurization quickly and then quickly cooled in a cooling chamber. The bottles are labeled and marked and shipped to the world of NHT Global International.

It's Noni as nature intended

Please NOTE: These health and beauty products are special order products. Therefore, they may be shipped separately and may take 1-2 weeks to ship, and may not be able to ship outside Canada. Thank-you for your understanding.

Price: $74.99

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